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Online reputation management - How to Combat And Suppress negative listings

Prevention is truly the key to maintaining a good online reputation. But, what do you do after your online reputation has been compromised? Best Online Results offers a comprehensive SEO and a full fledged internet marketing and brand reputation resuscitation program that is second to none to combat negative search engine listings that are violating your brand in an attempt to kill your sales.

Negative commentary or negative search engine results can have a significant impact on your company and the brands that you have spent years and immense resources to build and endorse. It does pay to protect your brands wherever consumers can interact with them primarily and where information is searched for namely the search engines.

As the power of the Internet grows, businesses of all sizes can find themselves confronted with negative listings about their services and brands. These listings may not only show up within the search results, but also they can show up on forums, blogs, YouTube videos, and blog review sites and within online social media. If you have not had an issue up until this point, then consider yourself fortunate. The Internet is chalked full of individuals who seek to use its power to air their grievances openly.

Equipped with little more than a Web connection and a keyboard, these critics can do everything from write a scathing review on Angie's List or Yelp to causing serious business problems by using message boards, video sites to spread rumors or complaints about your company or key executives. They may also start a gripe site or register a Web address in their target’s name.

As much time and effort as companies put into improving visibility within the search results, not all search pages are favorable to one’s company. Increasingly companies are now facing head on individuals taking advantage of the amazingly simplistic process of publishing content to the web.

Even content or commentary as benign conjecture that may result or wind up in a forum following one of your blog posts or a page which might reflect your political party affiliation or causes you support can have a negative effect on the perception of your business, and in the information world perception is everything. So what can you do about it?

Traditional Way Of Dealing With This Problem Need Not Apply…

Well, you could hire a small band of attorneys, throw your weight around, and send out squarely written cease-and-desist letters to the culprits demanding that they remove the negative posts from their site or else. However, this generally only exacerbates the problem and is analogous to removing an ant bed or a bee nest by poking it with a sharp pointy stick. Typically, what happens in these situations is that you just heap more fuel on the proverbial fire and empower the individual to drum up more visibility and more online sympathy through the increase of negative barrages against your company or you personally.

How To Handle Negative Commentary In the Age Of The Internet?

First take control of the situation and don’t hurl stones at your adversary. Keep a cool head and remember that you are the one in a glass house for all to see. If you respond negatively or harshly or even at all you will likely just dig yourself into a deeper hole.

For example, responding to an adversary only breathes new life into a webpage and may cause it to ascend within the search results. The reason this may occur is that Google favors regularly updated web content above anything else because they are in the information business and they strive to be the first source to break new information. Google will always index the freshest web pages -- like a blog, a message board, or a review site at the top of their search results. Like being stuck in a sink hole or fighting an oceanic under toe, moving too hastily can actually worsen your situation. In either case, it is better to take a counter-intuitive approach to the problem and swim perpendicular to the current of opposition.

Getting an online adversary to remove their negative commentary is always best to resolve the issue altogether, but 8 out of 10 times this will not happen and worse yet it can take weeks or months for the search engines to flush the negative pages out of their index. Another issue that might pop up while deliberating over the negative content is that it might metastasize or spill over onto someone else’s blog if not suppressed quickly causing even further damage to your brand. The best way to resuscitate your online reputation is to thump your attackers in a way they are not expecting and that is with a barrage of your own open, lethal, positive PR.

The first goal is to dilute the negative search engine listings and mitigate their effects on your business, its brands, and key executives or wherever it may exist. If you have limited Internet exposure in these areas, then one malicious mouse potato armed with no more than their grandma’s internet connection and a Windows 95 machine can taint your online reputation in a matter of minutes. If however, you are ubiquitous, then any chances of negative listings toppling your empire diminish steeply.

After you work to dilute the negative commentary, you need to continue to work on your positive PR campaign with the goal of then suppressing any negative listings off the first page and onto the second page of the search results. If you are successful in suppressing the negative information to either the 2nd or 3rd page of the search engine results, then most of your problems will most likely cease as most people looking online don’t make it past the first page much less get past the second page of the search results.

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