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Web site development design and strategies have become more sophisticated in the past five years due to the number of web sites being posted on a daily basis. Web site development today aside from the “eye candy” needed to capture the site visitor is to insure web site traffic, visitor tracking, reporting and the overall user friendliness and functionality of a web site. Web development analytics and the use of core keyword(s) embedded in content pages has become the forefront for a site’s relevance to visitors searching in Google, Yahoo, MSN and secondary search engines on the Internet.

Applying SEO Services to your website is the most proactive process to increase Search Engine Ranking and increase visibility amongst other sites that is relevant to your business or service. Website optimization is the art and science of designing and building web pages so they are search engine friendly and provide the most relevant answers to keyword queries that people make when using Internet search engines.

Key Elements to Search Engine Optmization and a well rounded Web Promotion Program:

  • Find what search queries or keyword phrases people type into the search engines
  • Build a thematically structured web site that employs tight theme based linking internally.
  • Create an authority web site built with lots of high-quality, white-hat SEO content that is updated regularly with RSS, new articles, and visitor content--like blogs, visitor reviews, etc.
  • Perfectly format web pages so that search engines can read all the pertinent coding elements that determine a website’s quality score or web page relevance
  • Use a “natural process” to update your site in search engines instead of an “automated process”
  • Regularly post web site and web site sitemaps to the search engines with new fresh content
  • Enhance the link popularity of web site through link exchange and 1000s of one-way links from blogs, social book media sites, directories, articles, and press releases.
  • Accelerate the number of unique visitors to increase the website’s online popularity.
  • Use permission base e-mail marketing to follow up with online prospects and to distribute additional marketing collateral such as: coupons, special reports, etc…
  • Write Relevant Ads and bid on keywords that are relevant to your website in Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Ad Words

Contact a SEO Specialist for more information on other investment strategies to boost your overall traffic and business.